Olympic Games - Another Legacy

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The Olympic Games in London have come and gone, and the immense and overwhelming success of the Games has superseded all the concerns prior to the Games, about its apparent over-commercialisation, and issues such as transport and security. When we say success we are referring to the excitement generated by the whole event, not solely by the wonderful performances of Team GB, and to the enormous support for the Games as a whole by the British public. Having been lucky enough to get tickets for the first morning of the athletics at the Olympic Park, we found the atmosphere there to be ELECTRIC, and this seems to have been the same at every event, at every venue.

The Paralympics are yet to come, and with record advance sales there is no reason to believe they won't be just as successful. The sales figures seem to suggest that prejudices against disabled sport are being broken down. As Oscar Pistorius so eloquently put it, "people will be looking at the athletes' abilities rather than their disabilities".

All the achievements of all the athletes, from all the nations, have only come about through immense amounts of hard work and dedication. However, hard work and dedication don't apply just to world-class athletes trying to win Olympic medals. Some of our members and the subjects of some of our stories are indeed world beaters, but even if you're not that, we believe that hard work and dedication can lead to continuous personal improvement - continually achieving PB's (to use Olympic speak)! In order to achieve your goals in your chosen sports you will find that the harder you work at your training and fitness regimes the greater will be the rewards, at whatever age. There is plenty of research to support this and plenty of evidence to support the notion that fitness for sport gives benefits in all areas of life.

All the talk now is about Legacy, most of which is quite correctly directed towards getting young people involved in sport. The Silver Grey Sports Club would like to suggest that the over-50's have a contribution to make on an individual level, and that their contribution to the legacy is to keep their bodies fit and strong.


Denise Simmons          Dan Simmons

Silver Grey Sports Club

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