England's Army of Secret Footballers


The Football World Cup has kicked off in Rio and, to be honest, no-one really gave the England team much of a chance - a feeling that has only been confirmed as accurate given their precipitate exit. Which is surprising given the numbers of men in England who do play the game . They are quite clearly passionate about the game as they carry their footballs around with them wherever they go.


So why the lack of expectation for England's hopes given this huge reserve of talent? We think we know the answer. They are embarrassed about playing. So embarrassed that although they love the game so much that they are never without their footballs, they hide them. And where do they hide them? The only place big enough - under their shirts, of course.





So it's quite clear that the National side would do a whole lot better if these passionate footballers would come out into the open about their love of playing. This would give the Head Coach a greater pool of talent to choose from, and if they did come out and played more openly they would no longer have to carry their footballs hidden under their shirts!


Everyone would be a winner!

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