Skinny Legs, or ....

…how a little vanity can go a long way.

We live in an age of unparalleled vanity and narcissism, even though these traits are not exclusively modern phenomena. Much of the world's cultural legacy is the result of vanity - great buildings, symphonies, paintings which are commissioned in exaltation of the commissioning party - national or regional rulers and the like, people who on the face of it don't sound as a whole to be a collection of retiring, self-effacing types. The difference is that in contemporary life

the existence and accessibility of social media, selfies, Instagram, Facebook etc means that what was in pre-social media times limited to those who were famous enough for their images to be widely broadcast, is now available to the entire world population. Anyone with a smartphone and online access can be the star of the "film" of their own life. And if you don't like the way you look, no need for a talented and capable portrait painter to make "slight improvements". With the numerous selfie-editing apps that are available you yourself can improve the image which you project in that digital life.

But what if you are not immersed in social media to that same degree? Can participation in the current addiction to the narcissistic do you some good in any way? After all everyone does have some vanity, everyone does want to look good, and at every stage of life. So, to put it another way, can you use a little of that vanity to motivate improving yourself outside, as well as within, the boundaries of the world of social media?

And that brings us to the issue of skinny legs.

Or, rather, skinny legs, a flat bottom, an expanding midriff, skinny arms etc etc.

To quote from the Small Faces song from 1966 "Whatcha gonna to do 'bout it?"

You can, of course, in order to appease your vanity go to the app store and purchase the latest selfie editing software. But, if you do edit what you don't like about yourself on-line, you'll find that off-line, sadly, the problem has not gone away! If you erase a spot on your nose from a selfie, guess what? You still have a spot.

The alternative is that you can opt to work on your actual hardware!

The reality is, selfie editing will not increase your fitness or enable you to join in a kick-about. It won't help you walk for a couple of hours on the moors, or up a mountain trail. Or help you think "Yippee" when you stand at the top of a 40 degree slope of virgin powder snow.

So, will you make the desired improvements in two dimensions or three, in cyberspace or in "meatspace"?

The choice is yours.

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