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Freda, 65, and Clarence, 50

What is Silver Grey Sports Club, what is it all about? When asked, we say that we are a website focusing on people over the age of fifty who do extreme and adventure sports. Behind that initial statement, an extremely important aspect of this is that in order to do these sports well and safely, a lot of strength and fitness training needs to be done. We then go on to talk - somewhat evangelically, no doubt - about all the quality-of-life benefits for older people that follow on from all that physical training. This is a notion which is supported by the entire medical and health establishment, especially in terms of countering the loss of muscle mass and bone density, both of which are associated with getting older and both of which have catastrophic consequences for quality-of-life in later life. While we have found and written about a great deal of research that backs this up, we haven’t come across a single piece of research that contradicts it.


So with that in mind, here are Freda and Clarence, two more examples of what we call Silver Grey athletes working hard in the gym, and talking about (or in Clarence's case just showing us) how much better they feel as a result.


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Lands End to John o'Groats at 81 - by bike!!

mavis start end81-year-old Mavis Paterson, from Auchenmalg in Dumfries and Galloway, has become the oldest woman to cycle from Lands End to John o’Groats.

As well as setting the new record she is raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity in memory of her four children, tragically all of whom died in their 40’s within four years of each other. She completed her 960-mile route in just over three weeks, setting off on May 24th and finishing on the 22nd of June.

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Five Go Live in The Guardian

Wonderful article along Silver Grey Sports Club lines in The Guardian this weekend "Age is no barrier, meet the oldest top athletes" about five athletes aged between 73 and 108. They are a triathlete, a personal trainer, a surfer - Gwyn Haslock, who we profiled ourselves in our article "A Tale of Two Surfies a couple of years ago - a sprinter and a marathon runner.

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Drug testing at 90!

Carl Grove90 year old Masters Cyclist Carl Grove set a new sprint world record for his age group in July 2018 - only to be stripped of the record several months later ... for a drug violation!

Never too old to try and get an edge over your rivals?

Not quite the whole story...

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Too old to mountain-bike?

Mountain biking can be one of the scarier adventure sports … if you’ve never done it before. The close proximity of metal and bone doesn’t make a comfortable partnership especially when you’re hurtling round an uneven and rocky trail in a bike park. However, these two show that the answer to the question in the title, as with all the activities we cover, is definitely “NO!”


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More Masters Athletics

Most people, including ourselves, wouldn’t consider athletics an extreme sport, so we haven’t covered it a great deal on Silver Grey Sports Club. However, we came across this video of the final of the women’s 100m in the 50-54 age-group from the World Masters Athletics (WMA) meeting in Perth, Australia in 2016. Looking at these athletes you can have no doubt that the strength and fitness required for participating in age-group athletic competition does very much crossover with some of the ideas we believe in - that there is no age limit to keeping your body in exceptionally good shape and enjoying everything that being in the best physical shape brings with it.



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