You wait ages, and then 2 come along...

... in fact the more we look, the more we find.


We're talking water-skiers, in this case. In January we found a story about a 91-year-old woman who water-skis. Here's another. And this woman, Frances Woofenden, is also a competing athlete, having won medals galore as both a slalom skier and a tricks skier.




She started at 50, having seen another woman "zipping back and forth across the wake". She said "I must do that", and 33 years later she's still doing it. She doesn't take it for granted and exercises and eats well in order to be able to carry on doing it as long as possible, and in order that "as long as possible" is ... well, no-one can say how long that is.


Frances really does believe that age is just a number, and with her appearances in advertising and publicity keeping her in the public eye, more and more people will come to realise that if you work hard, you can keep yourself in shape to enjoy your sports until .... well, you just have to keep pushing the boundaries, don't you.

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