54-year-old jet man overflies Mount Fuji



54-year-old extreme sports enthusiast Yves Rossy, also known as "Jetman", successfully performed his latest stunt on his four engined carbon-Kevlar jetwing when he flew around and across Mount Fuji.

The flights were to celebrate Mount Fuji's designation as a world heritage site. He flew around and across Mount Fuji nine times between October 28th and November 3rd.

Rossy can fly at upwards of 190mph (306kmph), climbing to as high as 12,000ft (3,657m) and travelling up to more than 9 miles.

This is just the latest in his series of adventurous flights as since 2004, Rossy has flown over the English Channel, the Swiss Alps, and the Grand Canyon in his self-built jet-wing.

At a press conference after the Mount Fuji flights, Mr Rossy told reporters his message to people was to "hold on to their dreams" and to do what they think is impossible.

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