Think You Know What Old People Look Like?

Think you know what old people look like? Frail, walking unsteadily and their back bent over from the weight of their head? Spindly arms and legs, bulbous elbow- and knee-joints? Think again!

Here are a couple of people who demonstrate how people can look even into their late seventies - strong, capable and full of energy.

Have a listen to what 77-year-old powerlifting grandmother Willie Murphy has to say about lifting weights, how the work in the gym makes such a difference to her life out of it.



 And as for Darshan Singh Gill, he is equally impressive.




Maybe you don't want to go in the gym and lift weights 6 times a week, but then again maybe you don't want to be able to leg-press 1,200 pounds, either. Put in the work  required to get to where you want to get to.

People say that age is just a number, and it can be with the right amount of effort. But without that effort, the numbers just don't add up.

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