Whistler Senior Ski Team

sgscskier1.3A life-long Silver Grey Sports Club dream, to ski in Canada, was fulfilled this winter when we had a trip to Whistler in January. It most certainly won't be the last time there. Plenty of Silver Greys on the piste and which led to our being informed of the existence of the Whistler Senior Ski Team (SST), a group of Silver Grey skiers we referred to in a previous piece A Tale of Two Whistlers.

And of the two Whistlers referred to in that piece SST definitely falls into our camp, in fact their web-site strapline "We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing, Never Stop!" echoes the very sentiments expressed in our own motto.

These skiers are definitely not there just making up the numbers - they're serious about doing what they do, and most importantly, serious about improving. They run in-resort Tech Camps, and organise ski tours to many parts of the world. They have advice on ski boots and skis, and they emphasise the importance of physical conditioning with a section called "Better Balance" containing a whole range of ski-specific, but all-round beneficial exercises. And there is a blog from SST head coach Wendell Moore, again with all sorts of information and opinion, and much encouragement to get in the gym or work at your strength and fitness in order to improve your skiing.

All in all another reminder that if you have a sport you love doing, that is a huge incentive to improve your overall conditioning. And if you improve your overall conditioning how much more you enjoy your sport.

What could be better? As we say, Life's a Game, Keep Playing.

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