Exercise as Medicine?

We have often heard that exercise can be medicine, but in this case exercise is a post-operative therapy. Here is 78-year-old Louis Gomez for whom taking up kiteboarding was the best thing he could do for himself after coming through being treated for cancer of the vocal chords.



Louis has some wise words that sum up a lot of what we believe in at SGSC. He says that he accepts feeling older, but he doesn’t feel old. Old is a state of mind when you no longer feel able to learn anything new, when you don’t feel able to push yourself, when you’re too old to learn anything new. On the other hand, older is just chronological, and life still has possibilities.


He sums up his outlook but saying this:- “You wanna march in the parade. You don’t want to watch the parade”.


What a beautiful way to express everything that this website is about.

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