Too old to mountain-bike?

Mountain biking can be one of the scarier adventure sports … if you’ve never done it before. The close proximity of metal and bone doesn’t make a comfortable partnership especially when you’re hurtling round an uneven and rocky trail in a bike park. However, these two show that the answer to the question in the title, as with all the activities we cover, is definitely “NO!”



As the voice-over says, what certainly is the case is that you can be too unfit or too out-of-condition to do it, and certainly if you are those things then the danger of the sport is multiplied by a factor of ‘uncomfortable to say the least’. However, as we have seen time and again, too unfit is not the same as too old and if you’ve a mind to get in shape to do it then there’s nothing stopping you other than the work involved in getting fit enough. But hopefully the lure of the thrill of off-road biking will be enough of an incentive to get over that small hurdle.


And as we’ve said many times, the benefits of being fit enough is….well you get the idea.

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