Five Go Live in The Guardian

Wonderful article along Silver Grey Sports Club lines in The Guardian this weekend "Age is no barrier, meet the oldest top athletes" about five athletes aged between 73 and 108. They are a triathlete, a personal trainer, a surfer - Gwyn Haslock, who we profiled ourselves in our article "A Tale of Two Surfies a couple of years ago - a sprinter and a marathon runner.


Most of the athletes didn’t take up their sports until they were in their fifties, and in the case of Fauja Singh it was in his eighties that he ran his first marathon. They all talk about how much better they feel, physically and emotionally, through doing their sport, whether they started just from a love of it or whether starting as a way of getting over some hard times in their life.


It’s a great read, and great to see our message getting some air-time in the more mainstream media.