Freda, 65, and Clarence, 50

What is Silver Grey Sports Club, what is it all about? When asked, we say that we are a website focusing on people over the age of fifty who do extreme and adventure sports. Behind that initial statement, an extremely important aspect of this is that in order to do these sports well and safely, a lot of strength and fitness training needs to be done. We then go on to talk - somewhat evangelically, no doubt - about all the quality-of-life benefits for older people that follow on from all that physical training. This is a notion which is supported by the entire medical and health establishment, especially in terms of countering the loss of muscle mass and bone density, both of which are associated with getting older and both of which have catastrophic consequences for quality-of-life in later life. While we have found and written about a great deal of research that backs this up, we haven’t come across a single piece of research that contradicts it.


So with that in mind, here are Freda and Clarence, two more examples of what we call Silver Grey athletes working hard in the gym, and talking about (or in Clarence's case just showing us) how much better they feel as a result.



This first video is a perfect example of just what we are talking about, Freda Burnette isn’t in training for a sport or activity but training for life. She wants to be alive for longer and to be more active and involved with her grandchildren - so she is training. And not lightly, but doing Crossfit! We don’t make any claim for Crossfit in particular, having never tried it, but it appears to be a serious and effective workout.


The second video is quite an eyeful. 'Fat to Fit at Fifty' is the last in a series of 'Fat to Fit' videos and follows Clarence Newman is his “home gym” (man cave) getting (back?) in shape over an eighteen week period, after which, he says he plans to “... settle into a lifetime of maintenance”.



Well, maintenance is what it's all about, in a way. Why not aim to maintain the fitness level you have at thirty or forty into your fifties, sixties, seventies etc. What a great ambition?


While we might think that Clarence's work-out is slightly imbalanced - not enough evidence of  leg-strength work, legs being an area where you are most likely to lose muscle as you get older - what is noteworthy is just how hard both these two are working.


And there you have it, just two regular Silver Greys who have come to the realisation that the key to getting older successfully is to take action against what is often, and inaccurately, presented as inevitable and unalterable decline. In fact, we'd put it even more strongly than that - as you get older the best thing you can do for yourself is exercise, strong exercise, as these two have been doing.


Your body, your choice!

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