82-year-old powerlifter fights off intruder

At SGSC, we're always talking about the benefits of working on your muscles as you go through life and get ‘older’! We never stop talking about how good it is for you and the positive effect it can have on your life. One of the benefits we trumpet is the fact that by keeping your muscles strong and in good condition you are much more able to take care of daily tasks. And apparently one of those daily tasks is fighting off intruders when they try and break into your home!



At least that’s the use that 82-year-old powerlifter Willie Murphy put her strength to when confronted by an intruder.


She was brought to her front door one night by someone asking for help, for an ambulance to be called. When she hesitated, the man broke the door down, but then the moment he was inside her home, she set about attacking him with the nearest object she had at hand - a metal table! When that broke on the burglar she squirted him in the face with shampoo and then began jumping on him. She said about the events “I’m alone and I’m old, but guess what? I’m tough.” and she certainly showed it.


This is not the first time Willie Murphy has appeared in these pages. Four years ago we wrote about her in an article entitled "Think you know what old people look-like". Well here's another instance that goes to show the difference that keeping your strength up and your muscles in good condition can make as opposed to just allowing the usual 'deterioration of ageing'. There's no doubt in our mind that the physical self-confidence that Willie's weight-training would have allowed her to maintain had no small impact on her actions in this case.


She is certainly a shining example of what we’re always saying - even if (hopefully) this is not the use that most of us would look to put our strength to!