Beat Kammerlander - Climber

Beat Kammerlander is someone who has pushed the boundaries of his sport, sport climbing. Having begun as a teenager in his native Austria, he is still climbing well into his fifties. He is particularly known for developing sport climbing in the Alps.

Here he is climbing a route that he created and which he named The Three Sieves.

 The title refers to the Three Sieves of Socrates, a test that Socrates gave to an acquaintance who had news to pass on. The test required the acquaintance to establish whether the news was a) True, b) Going to be beneficial to all parties and c) Essential to be told. Only if the news passes through all three "sieves" would Socrates agree to be told the news. Kammerlander explains how he looks at climbs and climbing similarly, and being of  thoughtful and philosophical bent he has a reputation for creating climbing routes that are as much psychological feats as physical.