Robin Delve - Double World Champion

RobinDelve2018 1Earlier this year, in the summer of 2018, we met and filmed an interview with age-group cyclo-cross world champion Robin Delve. He told us about his start in cyclo-cross and his journey to the top of the world - and now he has done it again, World Cyclo-cross Champion for the 60-64 age group for the second year in a row.

Not only a determined and talented competitor, Robin is also an expressive writer, and his account of the race is well worth a read - giving a vivid idea of his experience during the race. Read it and you feel like you’re there with him - amazing!

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Robin Delve - World Cyclocross Champion

What does it take to become a World Champion? Talent, obviously, but equally essential are determination, single-mindedness, and an immense amount of hard work.


This is some of what we learnt from 59-year-old age-group cyclocross World Champion Robin Delve, who won his title in December 2017 at the UCI meeting in Mol, Belgium.

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