Grays on Trays 2

Here's another in our series "Grays on Trays". Grays on Trays is not a name we came up with but a self-styled description - and we find that it crosses oceans as this latest Gray on a Tray comes from Slovakia.



It just goes to show that wherever you are it's all about keeping the flame alive - for as long as you're alive!

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Grays on Trays

Grays on Trays is not a slogan we came up with but it does seem to be a label surrounding an unconnected group of people who definitely fall into our camp - people past whatever age it is that people generally think of as the right age for extreme (or any) sport and who are intent on getting somehwere in their chosen sport, in this case snowboarding.


The first of these is 64-year old John Kuby, from Edmonton, Canada.

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Wild Bill from Jackson

Jackson Hole in Wyoming has long been associated with the more extreme end of skiing. Here's someone who has been part of creating that tradition, still jumping into couloirs.


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In Celebration of Rob Cochran

Here are two short films in celebration of the life of Rob Cochran, who died from cancer on 12th August 2015, aged sometime in his mid seventies.


Rob talking about everything and anything in his own inimitable way

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Jean Ribart

Born - 1941 ; Location - France ; Sports - Skiing, Golf, Scuba diving.

Jean Ribart couldn't get enough - sport, that is. He's making up for it now, though.

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John and Margaret

 Born - 1938 ; Location - England / Val d'Isère, France ; Sport - Skiers

Wear Away or Rust Away?

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