Grays on Trays 2

Here's another in our series "Grays on Trays". Grays on Trays is not a name we came up with but a self-styled description - and we find that it crosses oceans as this latest Gray on a Tray comes from Slovakia.



It just goes to show that wherever you are it's all about keeping the flame alive - for as long as you're alive!


What we also like is that he shares a sentiment that other Silver Greys have expressed, that these sports go across generations and if you take part "you can have friends of all ages, which is very nice" as Viviane Laurencin put it when we interviewed her and Paulus several years ago.

So don't forget to have a look at the first in the series, and while the winter is here we'll be looking for more, both on "trays" and on "splits"* * Rhyming Slang - Split Peas = Skis
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