Niki Pitts

Born - 1957 ; Location -  Val d'Isère ; Sport -  Skier, rock-climber

"Old Bags on Skis" is how Niki Pitts described the situation, when we bumped into friends during filming of the skiing footage. You wouldn't quite take that view when you see her on skis....


 More skiing

...either sidestepping up a slope to reach a choice piece of off piste, or haring across the valley floor when we had made one descent and were making for the Olympique telecabine in Val d'isère in order to get another run in before the sun made the snow unstable.

Niki is the manager of the Crêtes Blanches hotel in Val d'Isère, along with 2 other jobs - it's a wonder she gets any skiing done at all. But she does, and just as well as skiing was one of the reasons she came to live in Val d'Isère from her native Australia. One of the really interesting things about Niki is that she says she "hates sport"! .......when pressed it is the competitive side of things she really dislikes as she is totally addicted to the way of life in the mountains, and the skiing is one of the big things that brought her here. She knows her way around the mountain winter and summer. And in the summer it's "escalade" that keeps her on the mountain.


We hope to get video of Niki climbing later this year, but for now this photo will have to do, and here is some more of the day's skiing.

More skiing footage of the day with Niki