John and Margaret

 Born - 1938 ; Location - England / Val d'Isère, France ; Sport - Skiers

Wear Away or Rust Away?

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Marty Heckelman

Born - Sometime around the Second World War ; Location - Val d'Isère, France / London, England / New York, USA  ; Activity - Ski Instructor / tennis coach / creator of instructional ski books, dvd's and smartphone app, available at

His 2nd ebook, "Powder & Off-Piste", is now available at the Apple iBookStore, along with the 1st one, "Learn To Ski"


Marty Heckelman has been skiing a long time. He should be pretty good by now....and he is.

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Niki Pitts

Born - 1957 ; Location -  Val d'Isère ; Sport -  Skier, rock-climber

"Old Bags on Skis" is how Niki Pitts described the situation, when we bumped into friends during filming of the skiing footage. You wouldn't quite take that view when you see her on skis....

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Paulus / Viviane Laurencin

Born - 1928 / 1942 ; Location - Val d'Isère / Le Jura, France ; Sport Skiers



Paul Laurencin, known around Val d'Isère as Paulus, doesn't like walking.....he doesn't like it so much that he has decided that he won't walk for more than 2 hours at a stretch

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Wayne Watson

Born - 1955 ; Location - Val d’Isère, France / Guildford, England ; Profession - Ski guide, ski teacher


Wayne Watson is an inspiring individual, inspiring to those who work with him and to those who ski with him...


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