Nicky Spinks, at 52, runs a "Double Paddy Round"

Nicky Spinks 6One hears a lot about “the ageing population” and the host of problems that this phenomenon entails. Anyone who reads anything on this site might realise that these problems relate not to age but to decrepitude. Reading the stories on this site one should be brought to the realisation that falling into decrepitude is, to a far greater degree than people might realise, a choice not an inevitability, at least as far as the timing of it is concerned. As Ernestine Shepherd, the world’s oldest female competitive bodybuilder, says “…being out of shape as we age is an option, not a mandate”. So we bring together on this site amazing stories, about amazing people, that demonstrate just that - the relationship between age and decrepitude can be massively influenced by the choices one makes. And here is one more such. A 52-year-old woman, Nicky Spinks, who lives and farms in the Peak District has become the first person, male or female, ever to complete what is known in the Fell Running community as a “Double Paddy Round”. What is a Double Paddy Round? A (single) Paddy Buckley Round is a Fell Run of 61 miles over some of the toughest mountain terrain in Wales. And in May this year Nicky Spinks ran the circuit in one direction, in a time of 23hrs 21 min, and then turned round and ran it all again in the other direction. The first person ever to do so!

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Norm Coleman

normcoleman1Norm Coleman contacted us as a way of getting in touch with Hilary Walker - we couldn't pass up such an opportunity

Who are you, what do you do, how old are you?

I am Norm Coleman, who has medical board certification in internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology. I was a department chairperson at Harvard Medical School for 14 years (1985-99) and for the last 18 years I have worked at the US National Cancer Institute doing cancer research, health and medical preparedness for nuclear incidents and helping broaden the research opportunities, particularly for radiation oncology.
I am 73 years old, having grown up in the New York area, with career stops in California, Boston and Washington DC.  I still work ~60 hours per week.

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My Name is Catharine Daly

sgsc cyclist wWho are you, how old are you, what do you do?

My name is Catharine Daly. At the age of 60 I started doing triathlons at the Ironman distance.



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Mark Berry record breaker

swcp smashed it

In June 2015 53-year-old Devon man, Mark Berry, ran the 630 mile South West Coast Path in a record breaking 11days, 8 hours and 15 minutes, shaving an impressive 3 days off the current world record of 14 days, 8 hours and 2 minutes, which had only been set just over a month previously.

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Marvellous Mimi - Ultra runner supreme

Meet Mimi Anderson, aka Marvellous Mimi, no doubt the greatest woman ultra runner in the UK. And given the number of her world's best performances, and world firsts, she'd have a decent shot at being regarded as the greatest in the world.

Introducing Marvellous Mimi, talking about some of her best and most recent achievements

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