Tom McEwan - Kayaker

tom mcewan


Sometimes, it's just not your day....

...on the other hand, sometimes it just is.


And when we saw a video interview with Tom McEwan on YouTube we knew we had struck gold - and we weren't wrong.


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Liz Sandeman

liz diving


We first met Liz Sandeman in her shop in central London, and were surprised to discover her passion for marine wildlife and the fact that it lead her to her sport of diving.

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Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming

A few weeks ago we reported on a fund-raising swim in aid of the prostate cancer charity The Chestnut Appeal that we came across in Plymouth Sound, the swim was 2.5 miles in open water from the Breakwater to Tinside Lido. The fact that several of the swimmers appeared to be Silver Greys piqued our interest which led us to contact a group called Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimming and its very helpful co-ordinator Pauline Barker.

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