"Use what you've got or lose what you've got" is the message from Betty Warner. To which we'd add the idea that you're never too old to start. "Start what?" you ask. Getting strong, getting fit, making sure that you can enjoy your sports up to whatever age you want.


For Betty, at the age of 79, her way of doing that is to practice yoga. There are probably quite a few people who do yoga in their seventies, maybe into their eighties and beyond. What is unusual about Betty, and what should inspire others, is the fact that she only took it up at 73.

Many of the Silver Greys we have interviewed do yoga as part of their fitness regimes. It certainly seems to be a very effective practice as part of maintaining conditioning.  She says that it has helped her in many ways, with her strength and suppleness in particular. Balance exercises are one area that she feels she is not good at, but she works at them and makes progress and as with all the effects of yoga the benefits are felt all through her life.

Watching her perform the routines and hold the positions and stretches, you can see that she is a strong woman. And if her yoga has brought her the benefits that it has, even starting at such a good age, one can only be inspired to make the effort to keep in shape oneself, and not to feel that there's no point, it's too late - it's never too late to start.