The Centers for Disease Control, a US government agency, has published a feature on healthy ageing. And what do they advise? "Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health".

According to their article, physical activity can reduce the risk for health in many areas from keeping your heart healthy, maintaining muscle mass in order to remain more independent on a daily basis, to reducing the risk of a "potentially disabling" injury.

As a starter they advise consulting a doctor either before beginning to exercise at all, or before increasing the exercise level.

As well as aerobic activity for fitness, they advise that muscle strengthening exercises should be included as part of the weekly regime. An amount of 2hrs 30m of moderate aerobic exercise or 1hr 15m of intense aerobic exercise per week, plus muscle strengthening, resistance exercises twice a week is their suggestion, along with specific exercises to reduce the likelihood of falls.

They suggest that varying your exercises reduces boredom and also reduces the potential for injury from overuse of one part of your physique. Trying to do exercises that you enjoy is also a good way of ensuring consistency, which is an important aspect of exercising.

They had a page specifically about the benefits of strength training for (those we call) Silver Greys which include Arthritis relief, better balance, bone strengthening, weight control, diabetes control, healthier state of mind, and so on. That page has disappeared, but here's another page, from Exercise Bike Reviewer, that says many of the same things.

Well, you may not have heard it here first - but at least you did hear it here!