Another good core strength exercise.

Lie on your side on a gym mat, with your upper body raised, the weight supported on the elbow of your lower arm and your hip still on the mat. The forearm of your lower supporting arm is pointed forwards, your upper arm is lying along the upper side of your body, both legs are straight with your feet side by side on top of each other. Adopt the Neutral Spine Position.

Raise your upper arm at the same time as you lift your hips from the mat, supporting the weight of your body between your elbow on the mat below your shoulders and your feet. Your body should be rigid with a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. Hold your upper arm raised so that there is a straight line down the arm, across your shoulders and down your lower arm as far as the elbow resting on the floor.

The exercise is now all about holding your body rigid in the "plank" position and resisting the urge of your hips to drop down. Maintaining the Neutral Spine Position, you use your core muscles, particularly down the side of your body, to achieve this.

There is no movement in this exercise, simply holding the body position exercises your muscles.