A core strength exercise using a fit-ball.

Kneel on a gym mat, with the fit-ball about 10-20 cms in front of you. Rest your hands on the side of the fit-ball facing you, roughly halfway up it. Adopt the Neutral Spine Position.

Start the exercise by rolling the fit-ball away from you keeping your hands on the ball so that you lean forwards onto the top of the ball as your hands are moved away from you. As the ball gets further away, your forearms as well as your hands rest on the top of the ball. Your weight is supported between your knees and your forearms, and you use your core muscles to stop your hips from falling towards the floor. Hold the position for 2, 3 or 4 second and then draw backwards to the kneeling position.

The further away from you you push the fit-ball, the harder the exercise, but don't push so far away that your back arches. Only push as far as you are able to maintain the correct body position.

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