Bridget Cushen - Masters Athletics Secretary

For those of you who viewed our film of Charles Eugster's world record 200m run, filmed at the British Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in March 2015, here is an interview with Bridget Cushen, Secretary of British Masters Athletic Federation, explaining what BMAF is and talking about her work within it.


How many 61-year-olds can do this?

Watch this video from Epic TV - the impressive bit starts at around 1' 25" - and see if this guy looks likes any 61-year-old you know.

We know quite a few who do, both men and women, and they're here on Silver Grey Sports Club.


Greys of All Shades


The weekend of 12th April 2014 was a good one for the appearance of People of Age on UK TV.


The first incarnation of Silver Grey Sports Club was as an idea touted around to various TV Production companies in 2006/7 with a view to making a series of documentaries about inspiring older people, and expanding that into a magazine-style programme dealing with all the possibilities of being fit, athletic and sporty into age. Lots of excitement at the idea

They ARE Keeping Playing

Silver Grey Sports Club's slogan is Life's a Game - Keep Playing.

peter besenyeieric barone

These two certainly are.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson under sail again at 75


robin knox-johnson 3

At 75, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson is to take part in the single-handed Route du Rhum trans-Atlantic sailing race. When

asked about his motivation for doing it, he said that having taken part in the Sydney to Hobart race in December last year had re-awoken his  passion for the excitement of ocean racing.

To Age, or to Age Well?


Keep Strong, Keep Fit, Keep Supple. These are the mantras of Silver Grey Sports Club, or at least they are a good summary of them.


Keeping in shape to be able to continue doing the sports we love has always had what we regard as the extremely positive side-effect of being able to get more out of life. Now AgeLab, an entity with MIT, has given us yet more reason to do so in creating A.G.N.E.S.

Assemble the Right Team

I don't like being put into a box, I never have done, I never will.


I have come across a tendency amongst some professionals to define me by my age rather than to see me as an individual. For that reason I look very hard to find ‘right minded’ professionals to help me lead the life I want, to stay in shape to do the sports I love, and to look and feel good, too.

Ow! Pain!


Everyone involved in sports and adventure activities, especially perhaps Silver Greys, will at some point have to deal with pain,

Marathons on each continent

With the London Marathon taking place at the weekend, this story seemed appropriate. But before the story, our thoughts are with the families and friends of all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.


At 81, Margaret Hagerty has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. She was at that time the oldest person....


15 years older

How old are you? It's a question most people - practically from their 30's onwards - tend to answer with a reduction of the real figure! They want people to think they're younger then they are. At SGSC we do it differently, conditioning is our priority - if anything we add a few years, after all, if at 60 you radiate strength and fitness but tell people you're older than that, they're going to be more impressed than if you try to pass yourself off as say 50.

London Marathon 2012


The Virgin London Marathon has been run this weekend, as anyone who has any access at all to any kind of media will be aware.

Gold at 100


In October 2009, Ruth Frith celebrated winning gold for the shotput at the 2009 World Masters Games, and setting a new world record for her age group - after reaching her 100th birthday.


Oldest Professional Athletes 1 - Satchel Paige


Here are some facts about a couple of professional athletes.

The oldest athlete to play baseball on a professional basis was Satchell Paige, who played his final Major League Baseball (MLB) game in 1965 for the Kansas City Athletics at the age of 59.

Why 50? 50 isn't old.

People ask why the starting age for the Silver Grey Sports Club is 50. 50 isn't old, they tell us. Well, we are ever more aware of that. The point is, SGSC isn't about being old.

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