The Work-Out Guide - First Principles

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First Principles


These exercise routines are designed to improve fitness and conditioning by working on three areas (as should be the routines that you create yourself if you are working à la carte):-

1. Cardiovascular capacity and Stamina.

This is the rate at which you can work-out, and the length of time for which you can keep at it. Improving in this area will not only increase your physical capacity, but there is a good argument that having more physical stamina helps with the mental stamina as well. Improvements in this area are achieved by cardiovascular exercise, such as running, but also by exercising on tired muscles.

2. Muscular Strength and Muscle Tone.

Fairly self-explanatory, but it needs to be said that whereas at a younger age this kind of work is for perhaps vanity, beyond the age of 50 it is more about extending the life of the physical capabilities which at a younger age you take for granted, as well as preventing the loss of strength through muscular degradation that we are programmed to think of as inevitable and unalterable as we get older.

3. Joint and Muscle Flexibility.

Also self-explanatory, and all the above applies.