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Create your own workout, using this template:-

1. Warm up / Raise heart rate

The first thing you need to do in a work-out is to raise your heart rate. This is so that that blood flow to your muscles is increased prior to needing it during the work-out. You can do this by a gentle run, running on the spot, cycling on an exercise bike, skipping, walking or running up and down stairs. It should last 3-5 minutes, should not in itself be too much exertion, and by the end of it you should literally feel 'warmed-up'.

2. Choose your exercises

The exercises are divided into Lower Body exercises, Upper Body exercises, and Core Strength exercises. Many of the exercises in the first two categories use your core strength to keep yourself steady during the exercise so we recommend that the core exercises themselves are done last in order that that you don't have a weak core when doing the leg and upper body work.


Choose 2 or 3 exercises from each of columns 1 and 2 and as many exercises from column 3 as you like.

When selecting from columns 1 and 2, make sure you have exercises for

1. the front of the leg and the rear of the leg, 

2. the front of the body and the rear of the body,

3. the shoulders


Another way to look at it is, for each part of the body, choose a "push" exercise and a "pull" exercise.


Make sure you vary your choices each work-out and work all sections of your body over 2 or 3 work-outs. Don't concentrate overly on the same area of your body, with the following exceptions:-


Work harder on weaker areas


Concentrate on specific areas for specific sports/events/activities and for rehabilitation of injuries.


3. Add some Cardio-vascular exercise


Run for between 10 and 15 minutes

4. More Exercises after Cardio will increase stamina by exercising on tired muscles. When you exercise on tired muscles, take care not to overdo it and injure yourself

Choose 1 Leg exercise, 1 Upper Body, and 2 Core Strength

5. Warm down and stretch


    Stretches page - click on the link for a page of stretches.