Here are some articles you might like to read about training - for instance why it's worth making the effort.

The vo2 max Spectrum

SGSC Runner Puffing 1 small WSpectrum is a word that has come to be closely associated with Autism over the last several years. People are described as being ‘on the spectrum’. But the word spectrum just means a range. It is a concept used to classify something in terms of its position between two extreme points, and we’d like to look at the spectrum of VO2max.

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30 Butt Exercises!

One of the cornerstones of our thinking at SGSC is that you can take part in all the sports and activities we cover up to a much later age than you might think IF you put the work in to keep your body in good enough condition. This also leads to improved quality of life outside taking part in the aforesaid activities. (That’s probably two cornerstones, but who’s counting!)



With that in mind we were happy to receive an email from Jenreviews - prompted by their having read our article about 60-year-old power-lifter Marina Cornwall - concerning a blog post on their site entitled “30 best butt workouts, according to a 2-time Olympian”.

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If it's easy, it's probably not Pilates

Pilates - once viewed as the domain of 'yummy mummies' and celebrity lifestyle glitterati, this hundred year old discipline is gaining momentum as being a hugely beneficial form of exercise - no matter your age or fitness level. With followers from tennis star Andy Murray, to silver grey writer and broadcaster Joan Bakewell, Pilates is the buzzword on everyone's lips....but it has been around for years.

Originally known as 'Controlology', the system of body weight resistance exercise training was developed by Joseph H Pilates, and refined during his years as a prisoner of war.

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Wayne Léal - Global Health Coach


Who are you, how old are you, what do you do?

My name is Wayne Lèal. I’m 58 years young and a global Health Coach with many years’ experience, a recent grandfather, an author and a former small business of the year award winner. I have trained boxing champions, Premier League footballers and captains of industry. I am also the UK ambassador for Americas No.1 selling fitness trampoline, JumpSport and a featured guest presenter at Champneys: the UK’s No. 1 health spa.

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Can I Start Training?

Almost all the people on the pages of SGSC, with a few exceptions, are able to do what they do as a result of having spent a lot of time in physical training and conditioning. Whatever the level of performance they are looking for, it takes time and most of our Silver Grey athletes have put in that time, and as a result they have an enviable fitness level.

But what about people who don't already have that level of fitness but who would like to achieve  it, particularly people of an age for whom achieving fitness might not seem to be a realistic goal? How to start out? What to attempt, and how often? Will the results be worth the effort?

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Not too Much, Not Too Little

We cover extreme sports at SGSC, extreme and adventure sports. You might think that in order to do those sports you wouldn't want to think moderately. But here's the irony. It seems that the best way of achieving extreme-ness is … moderation! Not too little, not too much! And here's why.

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