One of the cornerstones of our thinking at SGSC is that you can take part in all the sports and activities we cover up to a much later age than you might think IF you put the work in to keep your body in good enough condition. This also leads to improved quality of life outside taking part in the aforesaid activities. (That’s probably two cornerstones, but who’s counting!)



With that in mind we were happy to receive an email from Jenreviews - prompted by their having read our article about 60-year-old power-lifter Marina Cornwall - concerning a blog post on their site entitled “30 best butt workouts, according to a 2-time Olympian”.


Now, “workouts for your bottom” would not usually be the theme of an article on our site, but in fact when you think about it, working on your glutes and the surrounding areas is extremely important for a number of reasons. The three gluteal muscles are at the top of your legs and provide part of your lower body strength. They also act, in part, to connect the lower body to the core. Between them the 30 workouts demonstrated in the article on Jenreviews not only work your glutes, but they also work the thigh muscles and many of the muscles that make up your core. So, not only are they good for strength, as they work the surrounding muscles as well they are also good for functional aspects of fitness.


There is an in depth explanation of all this in the article itself giving a good idea of why all this is important for life as well as sport, and across the range of exercises you’ll find many that will help you develop your glutes, hamstrings, quads and core muscles - now it’s down to you!