Lower Body Exercise 3 - Lunge (with support)

Another great starter exercise for leg strength.


Stand with your feet together and with a chair placed to the side and slightly in front of you. Place one hand on the chair for stability, and keep it there during the exercise. This hand is for stability only and should not take any of the weight of your body. Throughout the exercise maintain a Neutral Spine Position, keep your head up.

Take one full step forward. With the weight balanced between the ball of your rear foot and the heel of your forward foot and keeping your body in an upright position, bend your knees until your rear knee is just above the floor. Do not let the knee of your front leg push further forwards than the toe of your front foot.

Raise yourself up by straightening your legs, and step backwards so that your feet are together.

Repeat the exercise stepping forwards with the opposite foot. Continue, alternating the forward foot.


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