How to use this workout programme.


Do not start with this work-out if you have not done any training before. You must have worked out to some level, either by doing the General Work-out for several weeks, or by having worked out yourself in a gym or at home.


Perform the list of activities in the written order.

When you are doing the exercises, click on the link for each exercise, the exercise page opens in a new window. Watch the video and read the exercise description, then perform the exercise. Close the window and click on the link for the next exercise.

By the time you have repeated the workout several times, you may find that you no longer need to watch the videos. Then you only need to use the workout menu as a reminder of which exercises to combine.


Upper Body Strengthening Workout 1

Warm up for 5 minutes by running (on the spot or round the block), cycling, skipping, walking, going up and down stairs.

Perform 1 to 4 sets of each exercise, 8 to 12 reps per set.

Rest for 90 secs between sets
Press Up
Bent over Row (narrow grip)
Shoulder Press
Fitball Flys
Low Row
Lateral Raise
Warm Down
Warm down by stretching for 10-20 minutes
You will find a full range of stretches on the Stretches page